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When your piano doesn't have a home

You may not have room for your piano in your new place or may not even have a new place to live yet.


When that's the case, you need to store your piano carefully with the right company and under the right conditions.

The right movers for your piano

On Time Moving Services is that right company and provides the right conditions to keep your piano safe when you store it. We'll pick up your pianos and deliver it to our storage location, as well as back to you when the time is right.

Optimum storage conditions

Let our professionals wrap your piano up to right, hoist it, and deliver it to a climate-controlled container where it will be kept in optimum condition till it has a new home and you can use it again.

Taking care of your piano every step of

the way!


Call and learn more about our piano storage services today!


Moving everything you have

Pianos are not the only items you need moved when you've found a new place to live. Let us take care of your entire household move today.


The perfect place to store your

precious piano!

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